Mapping Affective Geometries

Moving in Lines: Mapping Affective Geometries is a live-composition performance emerging through somatic and sensorial encounters by Florinda Camilleri in collaboration with Niels Plotard and Andrew Schembri. The event took  place at The Casino Maltese on Wednesday 29th March 2023 at 1930.

This event forms part of the upcoming exhibition project IN SEARCH OF LINE, opening soon at the new VP Gallery. The exhibition will explore the artist’s drive to create and represent images, meanings and emotions through line.

Florinda Camilleri is a dance artist from and based in Malta. She initiates, leads, and supports performing arts projects in Malta and internationally, taking on various roles as a contemporary dance and screen-dance performer, maker, collaborator, researcher, educator, rehearsal director, and producer. She graduated from Fontys University of Fine & Performing Arts with a Master of Arts in Performing Public Space. In February 2023, she presented her first solo exhibition as part of the SPRING Program of the Gabriel Caruana Foundation, Affect Aliens. Her work collaboratively investigates the sites of encounter between human and more-than-human bodies within public spaces through feminist and post-humanist perspectives, bringing forth questions of agency, responsibility, and care.

Photos courtesy of Lisa Attard